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Originally Posted by F10M5FTW View Post
Getting a Gearshift Rod 2-R: Gear Fault Code and losing 2nd gear. Car will only shift out of 1st at about 4000 rpms and into 3rd. Car can not be shifted manually with the paddles. Car goes into drivetrain malfunction when this happens.
Also getting code speed sensor tg2: value not plausible

Any one have this issue, and if so what’s the outcome
How many miles on the car and do you have any mods ?
Is the DCT stock or do you have upgraded clutches ?
I am working on trying to correct gear rod codes myself.
Removed valve body and opened to clean.
Got 3 codes down to 1 code.
Previously trans would go into limp mode and would be fine after ignition cycle then went straight to only N is available.
No gear selection possible.
Now after removal, cleaning and re-install drive works but no reverse.