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Originally Posted by Edirty9 View Post
This is EXACTLY what its like, and what i thought it was for so long. Vomiting alllll day long. Can't eat/drink without it flying back up 5 mins later.

The cure is, no weed. Gotta stop smoking/eating it. Thats the only time it goes away.

I've tried smoking many times while i felt the symptoms starting and ive tried smoking when im full blown sick and throwing up, doesn't help AT ALL, makes me instantly puke/cough hard. I've also been sick all day, felt better decided to smoke and play video games till 3-4 am(because id been up all day long in bed throwing up/sleeping) next day i was sick again. Its like my bodys trying to purge out the cannabinoids and i just keep throwing more on top.
This seems like a serious problem and you should probably lay off the sticky icky. If you're still persistent about about gettin blazed then I would highly suggest you use a vaporizer and see how that goes. It's seriously a much cleaner high without having to smoke anything. I highly recommend a vape called Vapir NO2 for you avid smokers that have never tried a vaporizer. I have been using it for 2 years and haven't even smoked once since. Good luck with your condition sir.
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