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Originally Posted by aliusa View Post
Hi guys - recently picked up a '15 F10 M5 with CP in Sapphire Black metallic and the paint needs some TLC (clay bar, polish etc.). I am getting paint correction done by a pro next week and he suggested getting ceramic coating done. He's a certified Ceramic Pro dealer and also has Kamikaze, 22ple, and Optimum Ceramic coating.

I did some research and looks like these products on average are under $200 (liquid plus applicator) for a good quality product. Google search shows that AvalonKing Armor Shield IX is the top leader (not sure if anyone here has this one and can vouch for it).

The pro is charging several hundred dollars to do ceramic coating.

My question to the fellow members is, is there a trick or skill required to do this? (according to YouTube videos you run the applicator in a straight line).

Is it worth getting it done from the pro since they know exactly how to apply it or if I do it myself I can mess it up (though I don't see how someone can mess up with applying a liquid wax)?
Seems like a couple hundred dollars is a relatively small price to pay for the right to blame somebody other than yourself if results are not 100% of your expectations. You may or may not get a warranty of sorts from a pro, but if you do, that would seal the deal for me. I blame myself for enough stuff already.
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