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Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
Because two people are in agreement that you're clueless and made an ignorant comment? You're just making yourself look even more unintelligent.
where was the ignorant comment? you can act all holy and shit, but the fact is, I'm right and you're wrong. Prove me wrong with solid independent testing that the CTS-V is faster around a track that isn't from Road and Track or Car and Driver (the two most lying auto pubs out there). It isn't there, and does not exist...

Originally Posted by ybbiz34
I'd like to see you match the M3's time.

Who cares about the Boss 302? 1 second is substantial. 15 is an eternity.
I'd bet my time was closer to the reported time then the CTS-Vs. The M3s time has been proven by multiple independent tests, where as the CTS-V can't come close to any domestic testing abroad. Why do you think GM has such a bad rap in Europe (See ZR1). Not sure why you can't understand. A factory tweaked car running a quick time proves nothing. Same reason why Chris Harris called out Ferrari, GM is lying and sending out "special cars".

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