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DC/MD Area Meet - M5/M6/M3 Epic Cruise and Drive - 4/26/14

So this is the first drive/cruise/run I'm planning here on the East Coast.

The run itself will be on Saturday April 26th 2014.

I've put together quite a few runs over on the West Coast and with my experience I am going to try a new way to conduct the runs out here for security and confidentiality reasons.

So no information about the run will be posted here, instead it is located on a secure file that you will need to download. Click on the download link and click download at the top of the page.

The file is password protected. Enter the password and read the file. Password Hint: If the E60 M5 has the (technical designation) S85 V10 engine, then the F10 M5 has the (technical designation) _ _ _ _ _ Twin Turbo V8 engine. Or if you can't guess the password then just PM me.

Here's the link for the download.

Just hit the download button at the top of the page and then download it to your computer and double click on the file. Input the password when asked.

A couple of notes:

1. This will be an ALL DAY drive. We're talking epic here. So block off your WHOLE Saturday if you want to come.

2. At the end of the drive we will be going to get BBQ close to the starting point of the drive.

3. I've driven this entire route already. Trust me some of these roads are AWESOME. These roads will allow you to enjoy your ///M outright.

4. DSC ON, MDM, or DSC OFF is up to you. Just please no tailgating each other. Give each other enough room so that the person behind as enough space to threshold brake to a full stop.

5. Always keep your eyes on the road. I've been on runs before where my friends took their eyes off the road and it let to a crash. Also practice good turn entry technic. Brake hard before going into the turn then accelerate as you wish through the turn.

6. I will be leading the entire group and will be driving at a respectable speed, but no one should have a problem keeping up. If we get caught behind a slow car the lead car directly behind the slow car will put on their hazards and politely flash their lights at the slow car in order to get by.

7. Cross double yellows at your own risk. Just use good judgment. Stupid is as stupid does.

8. Lastly, have fun! Where we will be going there should be very little to no traffic, but we will be going through some slow 25mph zones, so please do the speed limit through those zones.

Please post here if you have any questions, but remember try not to post any information about the specifics of the run. Thanks!

Attendance List:

1. RPiM5 - F10 M5