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Originally Posted by ColdList View Post
Just not such a big thing to me. Just looking at the C7 at the auto shows here a few times it became apparent that it is in fact very "GM" at it's core. Dressed up pretty but you still see the nuances that give away underlying sub-par quality as has always been the case with Vettes. Just doesn't look very tight to me for lack of a better term. Yeah, it will be fast but it still has that "plasticy" look to me.
Funny enough and to your point -
My friend with 2012 Z06 when brand new took me for a spin and when he took off (He is a previous owner of Porsche 911 S) the wood trim around the console fell off (Literally) or came out of its place popping out !! And he laughingly as part of getting used to GM product probably !! Just clicked it back in! in a second and looked at me and said (Chevy you know)!!!
And he got it for about 85k!!