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Originally Posted by quasio View Post
$247,438 AUD = 253 797.157USD in current exchange rate, in VIC, Australia..

Dunno what the europeans r complaining about
It depends which european country you're talking about. Some have luxury taxes, some doesn't. As much as I know you Aussies have luxury taxes or something like that? So that's one of the reasons why you have to pay that much (as someone mentioned, you have to pay in Turkey about $ 300'000, it's probably similar in Sweden, Norway etc.). We can't blame BMW for that, at least not for the taxes part.

But I really want to hear what reasons the BMW managers can bring to justify the huge price differences between all those countries if we deduct the different taxes. For example, Switzerland has no luxury taxes and the sales taxes are 8% (so, less than in most other european countries) but the price for the M5 is about $ 160'000... and Switzerland is about 2h away from Munich, so they don't even have a big transportation route. Sure, the base models have some more equipment, but this can't be the main explanation for that...