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Originally Posted by Billup View Post
When I worked in MI, my Matco Tool salesman was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer and got his medical card and extracted the THC and condensed it down into pill form. I don't know the details, but I went and visited him at home when he took a leave from work and his condition cleared away after 3 weeks.

When he went in and denied wanting care the hospital said he might have had a year to live. I talk to him on the phone to this day almost 3 years later.

Like I said, I don't know all the details of how he processed it, but they were small capsules about 3/4 full of the extract.

He sent the same information to my mechanic in the shop at the time for his mother. She couldn't get out of bed for anything, couldn't even feed herself. After about 2 weeks she began feeding herself. After 3 weeks she began walking. After 4 weeks he claimed it was like nothing ever happened.

It was most likely Rick Simpson Oil in a capsule form. You can find more info on it here if your interested.
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