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Originally Posted by kwike92 View Post
So long story short, my rear bumper cover has a hole in it small size, about the size of a dime in diameter from backing into a tree, its completely cosmetic.

i dont want to go through my insurance because my deductible is $1000

i keep hear that i can get it done for about $500 to take off the cover, repair the hole/paint and reinstall.

but i also hear that the sensors on the bumper for the Parking Distance Control have to be re calibrated and that i may as well go through my insurance because of the cost of the calibration and repair?

any thoughts?
Just take it to a good body shop and have them repair it, your sensors will be fine, they wont repaint then and they will just reinstall them into the same position. there are brackets behind the bumper that hold sensors in place and sensors can only go in 1 way. Dont worry about calibration. you only really need to calibrate the lane departure camera and front radar. Those things are important and need calibration for sure. parking sensors just measure how close an object is to them, you cant really mess them up unless you make a new hole and install it in a different spot in the bumper.