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Originally Posted by FuriouslyFast View Post
That's awesome. Most folks will not give it to people who need it, though.

Maybe your SIL needs to get a job or something, though? (Don't flame me,, I obviously do not know her situation)
No flame. You don't know the situation. She and hubby are both decent people. He is mid 60s and unemployable as his job skills have him competing with much younger people and physical health make him not in demand. I think he is over 400 pounds and not very mobile.

She is also over 60, a LEGAL green card carrying immigrant and his wife of 40 years. She has had serious colon cancer and removal of parts. She hasn't eaten in over a year living on intravenous feeding.

I can't say it is no fault of theirs that they are broke. I believe they were kinda flush at one time but didn't handle it well and now are dirt poor. We have been helping them for years now and I suspect her condition will kill her before much longer. They do have one daughter who is helpful. She is a Captain (soon major) in the army and assists financially. But I think they have it pretty rough with zero luxury and of course she can't eat or drink so life sucks anyway.

Things like this make you appreciate what we have. My greatest issue since the virus is no gathering of the boys after golf and I can't get my acrylic nails backfilled (for guitar) and they will start peeling off in a week or two. Truly I have first world problems. I am lucky. I hope this bill helps those in need.