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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
I'm talking about science, not a politically motivated documentary. Science is much more dull, much more boring and infinitely more important.

There's documentaries for conspiracy theories for 9/11, Illuminati, etc. Are any of these compelling scientific evidence for you? If the answer is yes, we have a fundamental difference in the understanding of the world around us, how to determine fact from fiction and we are just not going to agree.

You and I have a VERY different definition for "cure". Approach any oncologist and say "I heard baking soda is a cure for cancer". Note his reaction.

When you use the word cure like that, you've just given anyone who takes science seriously, a pass to dismiss you. As I said before, if your ultimate goal is to make marijuana legal, you aren't doing yourself favors portraying it in that way.
So real life evidence doesn't count as proof. There have been studies done by many universities that say cannabis cures cancer.I feel like cancer is caused by unnatural products we use daily and nature already has natural medicines for us to use. Science will tell you the rate of health conditions occurring has been rising. Why is that? Where is the evidence that chemotherapy is effective? Nature has a lot to teach us.
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