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Originally Posted by inTgr8r View Post
Actually Max would not have been able to regain his position.
He would have to hold the position where he re-entered the track. (no passing under SC)
This already happened in this race (I forget who it was that was penalized for this)
actually there is a thin and a bit confusing line between in very similar situations..

on formation lap, drivers can take their places back.. actually they have to.. Kimi went off on formation lap but he didnt take the position back.. and he got a penalty..

Perez went off under SC but actually during normal "race lap" since SC laps counts as normal laps as well.. thats why he got a penalty..

in Max's case.. since the race was red flagged its basically a formation lap.. and he could get back his position until SC line at the pit entry..

this is what Masi said about it..

"After a suspension, it is considered a race lap but in the same sort of principles as a formation lap," Masi explained. "So if a car was out of position, it would be like a formation lap in that they can regain that position as long as it's before Safety Car line one. That's the general principle."

sounds a bit confusing but actually simple..

formation lap = you can take your position back..
under SC = you cant take back your position..
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