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Originally Posted by cmhsam View Post
Don't negotiate a payment. The residual will stay consistent, since its based off MSRP. Negotiate the selling price and MF. There is no shortage of M5's. You have a lot of options for dealers to choose from.
cmhsam is directing you to the correct strategy. Figure out the options you want and the lease program that fits your driving needs (as he said the residuals are fixed based on the annual milage you need), then negotiate with the dealer the premium you are willing to pay over invoice. Given what some members are posting on this board, there are large numbers of M5s in dealer stock so you have the negotiating leverage. Others may disagree with my guidance, but I would think something in the range of $1,500 to $3,000 over invoice is both feasible and reasonable.

Also, I would recommend not putting any money down (cap cost reduction) on a lease. All BMW FS leases come with GAP insurance that pays off the lease in full if the car is totaled. If you put money down and the car is totaled you may not get all or any of that money back from the insurance company. Better to hold onto the money yourself.
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