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Originally Posted by elite. View Post
Thanks fast400. Im leaning towards the driver's door actually. When I touch the ridges on the rear it seems to work. The front is a little wonky. It's warmer this week so now it seems to be less of an issue. Still for 280 I'd like to solve it. It doesn't unlock when I walk up perse, but it does when I grab the handle. Thoughts on why I believe it's the rear? Also remember on a cold ass day the handles we're frozen. I wonder if I pulled too hard and finished it off then.....

I have soft close and CA. If I take one off, will the door shut properly and allow me to lock and test it?

Color is dark graphite metallic.
I've heard of several back door handles going wonky. Something you can do which only takes 1-2 actual minutes. Loosen the torx screw from the side, then pull the door handle out (careful wires attached) unplug the larger of the two plugs then put everything back together. If the problem is gone, that's the handle.
I would leave it like this until you have the new handle, as the handle wakes the car up...if it keeps up too much you'll eventually get a low battery warning.
PS- Handles come painted from the factory (last 7 of the vin needed)