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Originally Posted by wisesoul View Post
I was with my cousin going for a nice Sunday drive since he was visiting for the weekend. Went on some nice driving roads, did a nice blast on the scenic Mulholland Dr (they desperately need to repave parts of it, but I digress) then settled down and just cruised through Hollywood. Decided to fill up at Shell because the car was on reserve fuel and making me feel guilty . Pulling in, I notice a white F10 535i behind me with heavy tints and M Tech kit. It had what appeared to be 21 inch gunmetal Forgiatos and M badges on BOTH kidneys. I pull up to the first pump and he pulls up right behind me. As I get out to ring up my pump, I notice the guy checking out my car and doing a walk around. I walk out and compliment his F10 thinking there would be some kind of a camaraderie between us. Our exchange went something like this.
Me- "Nice M Sport, bet she goes real nice!"
Guy-"Wish I could say the same about yours. I've destroyed a couple of those on the highway already."
Me-"(nervous laughter) Really? What mods do you have?" I am stupefied by now, almost in disbelief
Guy-"Its got a Vorsteiner exhaust, JB4 and intake. Probably good for 500 hp. Those new M5s are overhyped, they dont make anywhere near what BMW claims. You paid too much for that thing, bud. I can beat you for a fraction of the cost."
Me-"Is that so? That's impressive performance from a 6 cylinder." Taking out my pump and wondering how on earth the N55 got 500 hp with 3 mods
Guy-"You wanna go for a run? I'll go easy on you."
Me-"Thanks for the offer, but I've got to get going. Trying to get some lunch, but nice meeting you man, take care."
My questions are: Is this guy on 5post? Should I be remotely threatened by tuned 535i's? How on earth can a 535i destroy an M5? I know those N55s can be massively quick for relatively little money. My cousin said I should've taken him up on the offer, and now I'm actually curious. Any thoughts?
In my opinion, you were too polite in your replies to him. He was clearly just jealous of your M5. If he challenged me like that, I would've gladly decimated him on the road. I'm sorry but, I would've straight up told the guy that he's a moron as soon as he made the claim that he "destroyed" a couple of M5s on the road with his car.