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Not buying the hype

I have to agree with everybody else on the calling BS and throwing this guy into the penalty for playing without a helmet. From personal experience, I went from a E60 M to a F10 535 and then my F10. In the time I had my 535, I went the mod route and so did a buddy of mine who still has his with the same mods. I have to call BS because my buddy did all this to his including some other mods (I question the JB4 because it still was not out for the 11/12 535 as of last month). He has not dyno'd his car but just broke into the high 13's with his at the strip (corrected for elevation would be 13.3 approx.) and I have to say his cars runs very well. But, after giving him a ride in my car, he said he wouldn't even waste his time.
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