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Originally Posted by mwlmd View Post
I am scheduled to get Full 3M crystalline tint applied to my M5 next week. All windows/moonroof in 40 and Windshield in 70. Will post pics and comments once finished.

I decided not to get a clear bra. I am concerned about discoloration. I will determine in 3 or 4 years if it was the right call! I seem to get clear bra on every other car I own. haha. Maybe it has something to do with the salesman and my mood at any given Tint shop visit. Who knows.
I am going with 3M Crystaline 90 on the windshield and 50 on all other windows. Probably will be light, but I like that look. FYI Crystaline probably like other high end products which is really pricey. 3M has a 15% off coupon on their website until the end of the year, but even after that I still paid $750.