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Originally Posted by M5DDS View Post
The fact that BMW gave a release date is complete bullshit. If this were true, all sales managers would know this and not be promising earlier delivery dates.
While I can understand your frustration, you are making a huge leap of faith that as a rule car sales personel care enough to seek out all available information and read all of the emails they receive. We all know this is not the case. How many times have you walked into a showroom and known more about the vehicle than the salesman? Pretty much happens every time for me. Even my current CA, who has been selling BMWs for something like 20 years, does not know all the facts I have learned from visiting websites like this one.

The reality is, car salesman move around frequently. At my previous dealer, I never dealt with the same salesperson twice. I had 3 different salesmen for each of my previous M5s. They come and go to/from other dealerships and brands. Each time they move they learn the bare minimum about the full product line, and likely focus their time on the highest volume models. There's little incentive for them to invest a lot of time learning about a low volume car like the M5. Most will only sell 1 or 2 a year, whereas they probably sell 1 or 2 3-series cars a day. Unfortunately for us, we cannot count on our CAs to do the heavy lifting - that's why we rely on this community of enthusiats to investigate the facts and distribute the information.
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