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I really think someone should either get a better anti-spamming software because 3 post+ 48 hrs by the time you want too figure out something you are a week away from an answer. For example I'm looking for a solid answer on what exactly is needed for M3 suspension on my 335i as they will be giving to me for free and I have too wait 3+ days too post in suspension when the m3 suspension is only available tomorrow no one wants too wait 3 days+ to get an answer when every search thread says you need complete different things for m3 suspension on a 335. 1 thread says you need m3 knuckles, brakes, sliders when that can't be right another says you don't need anything for the fronts and just need to get m3 camber plate for the rears the answers are so misguided the whole point of a forum is you signup to get answers to your questions not wait 1 week+ and miss your opportunity to get the info you need.
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