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Boots Rpi exhaust install

My friend and I installed my Rpi Gts exhaust last night. It took us approx 3 hours and was a fun project. I'm glad I installed it as there are so many bolts and screws you have take off and I just don't trust too many people to work on anything of mine. After the install and test drive, I went back under the car to make sure all the bolts and screws were tight and made a couple of adjustments.

1st off the stock exhaust only comes off easily as a one piece unit. Dont know how I'm going to get that one home. It actually is a nice unit but with too many bends so I can see why hp will be lost. The install was straight forward, but you have to make sure you check your alienment/fitment with the exhaust tips.

Sound wise, it has a deeper tone to it and sounds real nice. Revs are so much meaner than stock which is a no brainer with any exhaust. Sounds badazz. It was raining so I couldn't get down like I wanted to, but did enough in the neighborhood to know I made the right choice in the exhaust. Cabin noise...I rank it stock 4 and rpi 6. It's still quite in the cabin with just a hint of aftermarket until you get down on it. No drone which I like. If you drove in a roush mustang stage 3 you know that sound badazz from the get go. With this exhaust it is kind of a sleeper. I do wish it were meaner but then again, this is the classy hooigan of the bmw series. Ok, now I need to get paid for this free rpi advertisement to offset the price of the exhaust. LOL

I tried to upload my videos from yutube, but for some reason, maybe my camera is the wrong format for this site. I will paste the url anyway in case anyone wants to go there and view. Enjoy.

1. stock

2. install

3. revs

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