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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Mate . I finally agree !
MAX crashed himself out intentionally ...He didn't wanted to win the race !
MAX is used to lose from Mercs spaceship in warp speed anyway !

Yeah , Ocon laughed at him . Do you find that a normal reaction when you crash out the leader of the race ?
That's the reaction of a coward !!!

Every other racer would apologize ! But he couldn't ! Because that piece of 5H1T did it intentionally !!!

Obviously you’ve never been in anything competitive. Truly a classic reaction by Ocon.

Ocon - “Dude, I was faster than you and was un-lapping myself and your dumb ass, ego couldn’t get out of my way.”
Max - “you’re a pussy”
Ocon - “Hahah - yes I am, but at least I didn’t lose a race by meaninglessly crashing”

Why would he apologize?
Maybe the great ego Max should take a lesson from Sir Lewis, you know the guy that has won 7 WDCs and more races in one season than your vaulted hero in his career?
Hamilton after the race to Max - “Why didn’t you just let him pass?”

I’m Max the great lion, nobody can pass me or beat me. Whaaa, whaaa whaaa, he’s a pussy, he should apologize. Horner can you cuddle me and give me a hug? Marko where are you, get Ocon banned.....Daddy can you buy me a championship?

Please wake up, until Max matures he isn’t going to win...
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