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Coding Euro MDM - BMW M5

Hello M5'ers,

I coded Euro MDM and tested it last night, the car feels so much more alive. More power on take off and through the corners, the tail is able to kick out way more than stock so 2-handed driving is required.

About MDM (M Dynamic Mode). It was created for M cars, it is essentially between DSC ON (Full Nanny) and DSC OFF (Looking for a death wish). MDM allows you to have more fun on the street and track, without wiping out.

However, U.S. spec MDM is way more restrictive compared to Euro specs. BMW assume Americans are bad drivers and lawsuit happy (which they're right). I recommend all M5 owners to code their car with Euro MDM to truly appreciate what an M5 is capable of on the track and street.

Don't be an idiot and turn DSC OFF. Even advance drivers on the track drives with Euro MDM. I love hearing how many guys turn their DSC off on the track and to see them wipe out on the first few turns. I saw an M5 hit the wall at COTA last year, $30k worth of damage because he was too cool for MDM.

The reason is like sex, every man thinks he's good at racing or driving fast. The truth is, there's only a very tiny percentage of guys out there who knows the car well enough to go full DSC OFF on the track and aggressive street driving. Unless our cars are N/A, then it's ok. Turbo cars power delivery are very unpredictable to an average driver. Boost comes on strong, so it's not as linear as the N/A cars.

Based on my track and street experience, just code your car MDM and that's more than enough to keep it safe and fun. You will be very surprise how much more power you'll feel and how much the car allows the tail to kick out during cornering (controlled drifting).

Code values below, thanks to ImpetuousRacer . I just added a few more lines compared to his post.

DSC Module:

C_Laenderkennung = initwert
C_Funktion_PostCrash_aktiv_1 = PCIB_deaktiviert
C_GMR_Uebersteuer_0_c = F10M5
C_GMR_Uebersteuer_1_2_c = F10M5
C_GMR_Untersteuer_0_c = F10M5
C_GMR_Untersteuer_1_2_c = F10M5
C_GMR_Untersteuerschwelle_c = F10M5

Don't know how to code? Here's how to get started:
Enjoy... -Jimmy
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