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IND Side Marker Installation Procedure

IND Side Marker Installation Procedure

Similar to the E9X M3, BMW gave enthusiasts a head start with the elimination of the chrome window trim in favor of their gloss black "shadow line" trim. Unfortunately, BMW did not address the chrome side grills.

With BMW leaving off at the window trim we decided to pick up the pieces and offer a high quality painted solution for the F10 M5 community. All IND side markers utilize the OEM part as a base to ensure a 100% fit. The original BMW chrome base does require a touch more preparation than if we had used an equivalent aftermarket part, but the end result is a product with perfect fitment.

This side marker can be installed by anyone with a couple simple body tools and some time.

Tools required:

1.) Step one is to ensure you provide yourself with the most comfortable installation environment. Our technicians are accustom to working with body tools around paint so in the installation photos you will notice no painters tape was used. With that being said we do recommend the DIY installer uses painters tape to frame the side marker. Framing the side marker with painters tape will protect your paint in the event that the hand gripping the nylon pry tool accidentally slips from the side marker.

2.) With the use of a flexible bondo spreader begin to separate the side marker from the fender. The F10 M5 side marker is held in by plastic tabs so the purpose of the bondo spreader is to create room for the nylon prybar to do its job.

3.) With the bondo spreader creating a view of the mounting tabs, please take note of these tabs. There are 3 tabs on the top portion of the side marker, 1 toward the front of the vehicle, and 3 more tabs on the underside. The best option is to work from the top down as a loose top will allow you to simply wiggle the bottom of the side marker free.

4.) with the bondo spreader in one hand and the nylon pry bar in the other, carefully pull the bondo spreader toward your body. This action will result in exposing the mounting tab. With the tab exposed press the nylon pry bar down on the tab with light pressure. The pressure from the pry bar will release the tab from the

5.) Repeat step 4 across the top portion of the side marker all the way to the side tab located in the direction of the front bumper.

6.) AUCHTUNG! Do not pull the side marker out of the vehicle without first removing the clip from LED power cable.

7.) Now that the side marker is free from the LED power cable you are now able to install the IND Painted Side Marker. The side marker will simply snap into place. First, reposition the LED power cable into the male connector on the LED. Similar to the removal place the top clips into the fender housing and carefully push into the fender.

8.) Ensure that both turn signal LED's function properly before driving.