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I'm all done the installs of front grilles and side markers. Here's what I think. Bear in mind I've done both of these installs before on my E90 M3 with success. Granted I was more careful this time, and also went in thinking this would be easier (for some reason). Don't get me wrong. I got them done so they can't be that hard, cause I'm by no means a big DIY person.

Front Grilles.
TBO these were tougher than I remember/expected. It's a royal pain in the ass that I needed a hex screwdriver to undo the screws at the top of the bumper. Also, I hated pulling forward on my front bumper, so I ended up really squeezing my hand down there to manipulate the OEM grilles. My left grille was a total PITA to get out. For some reason the damn clips just do not simply push down by hand and allow easy smooth removal of the grills. Took much more force than I was hoping it would, and the CRACKING noise of each grille finally coming loose was quick scary. Fortunately, nothing damaged or scratched. No clips broken, and the new IND grilles both snapped in very easily. So easily that I rechecked and rechecked the fitment thinking there was somehow more snapping into place that needed to be done. They look great.

Side markers
For these I used blue painter's tape to protect the surrounding area very thoroughly. I didn't do this at all for my M3 and actually ended up with slight bruising around the housing (not noticeable to the untrained eye) and I was pissed. I remember the M3 side markers had been so tough to get out that I went back at them on like 3 separate occasions before I got the first one to finally snap out. And it's a wonder it didn't break. The first one of these was kind of similar. But I got it done in one sitting. The side markers don't wiggle out easily for me with simple top pressure on the clips. I used very similar tools to those described and used same technique. Surely enough the clips were exposed, but it's not like you press down on one and the market wiggles out at that point and you can just move on to the next clip. Just didn't happen like that for me. I ended up getting my hands involved and doing a lot of tugging. And eventually they POPPED out with a terrible cracking noise but cleanly. No damage done. With both sides, the end result was each one popping out quite suddenly to the point where if a clip had broken I wouldn't have been surprised. But they were all intact. I think they're just very stuff, plastic clips that create that harsh release. That's all I can say. And oh...then the IND ones popped in easy as pie. No bruising drama. I'm happy.

Today, I'll be installing the front bumper reflectors. Had to go buy a ratchet set for it (told ya I'm not a DIY person). Will report on that too but it sounds easy. I must admit I'm not terribly excite about working so close to the bumper camera. But I'm sure it'll be fine.

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