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You're right when you mention OTS tunes. You never know who makes them but I was lead to believe that the bm3 OTS tunes were half decent.

I'm a big believer of you get what you pay for but $3500 for a tune? Some people just take the piss and think they can charge what they want because it's an M5.

Theres a company in the UK called Evolve. They are charging less than 1000 for their tunes now and they are very very good, I don't have one yet but hopefully soon. They owned an F10 M5 running around 750bhp and did multiple days on the drag strip going against some very exotic cars and beating alot of them. Their car was launched from 0-200mph many times, driven very hard on the track and the engine survived it all.

It goes to show you really can get a tune for less than 1000 and it be reliable. Not saying that bm3 is, but being cheap doesn't mean its necessarily bad, although I must admit I've also started to notice a theme with bm3 and engine failures.