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      02-20-2011, 02:32 PM   #1
European Editor
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Drives: N54 e82
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Dackel's European Delivery Museum Guide

We all have our passions – for me it is Automuseums. I think I have literally been to every major auto museum in Germany. Over the last year I have been sharing my photos with you guys. South had asked me to make a summary of all my past posts. He has done a great job editing my photos. So here are all my museum threads in one easy to read post. This should make a great reference for anyone planning an ED or who just want to see how spoiled we are over here in der Fatherland. Not only do we have great Autobahns but also some of the best museums in the world.


Munich – München

BMW Welt and Museum tour…

BMW Welt

Google Maps
Name:  Welt.jpg
Views: 1790
Size:  74.0 KBDetails and Photos
Am Olympiapark 2
80809 München, Deutschland
Tel 089 8906366-3 (inside of Germany)
+011.49 89 8906366-3 (calling from the states

BMW Art Cars / Museum

Google Maps
Name:  Museum.jpg
Views: 1802
Size:  67.3 KBDetails and Photos
The art cars exhibit has been extended. The cars will continue to be on display until June 30th, 2011. When you go to visit the museum you need to be a extra ticket to see the Art Cars – Kunst Autos.

Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum

Google Maps
Name:  DtMuseum.jpg
Views: 1767
Size:  70.6 KBDetails and Photos
Theresienhöhe 14a
80339 Munich - Germany
Tel. +49 (0)89 / 500 806 762
Fax +49 (0)89 / 500 806 501
E-Mail: verkehrszentrum@deutsches-museum.de

Deutsches Museum - Flugwerft Schleissheim

Google Maps
Name:  Flugwerft.jpg
Views: 1782
Size:  67.4 KBDetails and Photos
Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim
Effnerstraße 18
85764 Oberschleißheim - Germany
Tel. +49 (0)89 / 31 57 14 - 0
Fax +49 (0)89 / 31 57 14 – 50
E-mail: fwsdeutsches-museum.de

A taste of BMW Welt, München’s Marienplatz, and Oktoberfest

Google Maps
Name:  munich.jpg
Views: 1890
Size:  90.7 KBDetails and Photos
No museum tour here. Just some photos that will give you a feel (and taste – I hope) of life in Munich during OctoberFest time.
Oktoberfest 2011: September 17th - October 3rd 2011

EFA - Museum Für Deutsche Automobilgeschichte

Google Maps
Name:  EFA.jpg
Views: 1798
Size:  71.9 KBDetails and Photos
83123 AMERANG / CHIEMGAU - Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 8075-8141
Fax: +49 (0) 8075-1549
Internet: www.efa-automuseum.de
E-Mail: info@efa-automuseum.de
EFA is a very nice private auto museum. One of my favorite automusuems. The museum is just about an hour’s drive East of Munich. Amerang is near the resort area of Chiemsee – a lakeside area that sits at the foot hills of the Alps. A very pretty area to stay over night in.

Audi Museum Ingolstadt - Silberpfeile autos...

Google Maps
Name:  audi.jpg
Views: 1772
Size:  72.0 KBDetails and Photos
Audi Forum Ingolstadt
85045 Ingolstadt
Tel. 0800 - 2 83 44 44
Fax 0841 - 8 94 18 60
Calling from the states: 011+49 -841 - 8 93 75 75
A very nice museum showing the former glory days of German cars. Audi has done a nice job show casing not just the cars but the flavor of the past. Simply a great car museum.

German Christmas Markets

Name:  christmas.jpg
Views: 1805
Size:  92.7 KBDetails and Photos
Just some photos of the great Christmas Markets we have here in Bayern.

Fahrzeugmuseum Suhl - DDR motorcycle & car Museum

Google Maps
Name:  suhl.jpg
Views: 1790
Size:  64.4 KBDetails and Photos
Fahrzeugmuseum Suhl
Friedrich-König-Straße 7
98527 Suhl
Tel: (03681) 70 50 04
Fax: (03681) 32 71 73
Simply a great motorcycle museum located inside a shopping mall – well sort of. It is located in a congress hall/exhibition center. But it has more of a feel of a shopping mall to me. East German motorcycles and cars. They had a lot of EMW (formerly BMW: Eisenach Motor Werk, later AWE, EMW, and Wartburg and IFA.) cars here.
Down the street from the museum is a cool weapons & ceramic museum too.

Former BMW Eisenach Factory Museum

Google Maps
Name:  awe.jpg
Views: 2387
Size:  72.7 KBDetails and Photos
AWE – Automobilwerk Eisenach
Automobile Production Museum
Rennbahn 6-8 (Sparkasse Building)
99817 Eisenach
Phone: (0) 3691 / 7 72 12
Eisenach is kind of the forgotten BMW Museum. I have been wanting to go here for a long time. I almost did not make it in time, but more about that in a moment. Eisenach has produced many automobiles over the years: Wartburg, Dixi, BMW, EMW, IFA and Opel. BMW did not like the fact that in Eisenach they produced cars even before BMW ever did. And they were using their logo. So… the East German government changed the name to EMW and went with a red and white propeller design/logo. The rest as they say is history.

German Beer Museum

Google Maps
Name:  bier.jpg
Views: 1718
Size:  89.0 KBDetails and Photos
Maisel‘s Brauerei- & Büttnerei-Museum
Kulmbacher Straße 40
D-95445 Bayreuth
Telefon: 0921 / 40 12 34
Telefax: 0921 / 40 12 33
A great medium sized beer brewery that shows you step by step what it takes to make German Beer! Tour lasts about two hours and ends up in their 19th century American bar down in the basement! What a great place.

AMF Automobil Museum Fichtelberg

Google Maps
Name:  amf.jpg
Views: 1758
Size:  83.2 KBDetails and Photos
AMF Automobil Museum Fichtelberg
Familie Eckert
Nagler Weg 9-10
95686 Fichtelberg
Telefon: 09272 / 971-0 (Zentrale)
09272 / 6006 (Museum)
Fax: 09272 / 6066
A Great small museum that has so many weird and cool old cars. Deffinately worth a visit.

Gross Glockner Pass – Hoch Strasse

Google Maps
Name:  ggpass.jpg
Views: 1766
Size:  57.7 KBDetails and Photos
I finally got to drive this wonderful road! Ever since I had first heard the word: Grossglockner Pass… I have wanted to drive this road in the clouds. Many years ago I read a story (in a British magazine: CAR) on this mountain pass road. Seems the Silver Arrow race cars use to run around these mountain roads. This was my first taste of this famous road. I have always wanted an excuse to go for a drive around those Alpine roads. Well… last weekend I finally made it possible. Just me and my TiAg 135i. I also visited a private Porsche museum in Gmuend – where Porsche made its first 48 (aluminum bodied) - 356 models.

Hamburg: Miniatur Wonderland - Model H.O. Trains

Google Maps
Name:  HHmin.jpg
Views: 1795
Size:  102.5 KBDetails and Photos
Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
Kehrwieder 2-4
Block D 20457 Hamburg – Speicherstadt
Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway in the world! It will really boggle your mind how many trains and scale models(all self made I might add!) and THOUGHT was put into this place. IF you find yourself in Hamburg, you should go look this place up. I did find it kind of crowded and packed with tourists. But that kind of goes with the territory with these kinds of attractions.
They opened in 2000, and in 2008 they past the 1,000,000th visitor! Quite a feat for three guys who just wanted a place to build and play with their HO train sets! lol Either go there early in the morning or late in the evening… because the lines are HUGE getting into this place!

Prototyp Car Museum Hamburg

Google Maps
Name:  proto.jpg
Views: 1782
Size:  70.6 KBDetails and Photos
Prototyp PKW Automobilmuseum
HafenCity Hamburg
Shanghaiallee 7 / Beim Lohseplatz
20457 Hamburg - Germany
Phone: 040/3999 69 68
Fax: 040/3999 69 89
Email: info@prototyp-hamburg.de
Web: www.prototyp-hamburg.de
I had been meaning to go visit this museum ever since I first heard about it on German TV. They only have REAL prototype cars, only German manufactures. The museum is small (50 or so cars over two floors) but what I really liked was it had a level in intimacy that is missing from a lot of the new mega museums sprouting up all over Germany. The museum reminded me of the old quaint Porsche museum in Zuffenhausen. They also had a lot of little detailed car snick-snack that you just do not see. There are planing on expanding the museum to the rest of the building and building a new top to the building. But that is some years off.
I was kind of expecting a bigger museum but it was still a worth while trip for me. They had a lot of cool and interesting cars as you can see bellow. Since I am a big Porsche fan I found many cool old cars there.
I am also a big AutoUnion fan of the Silver Arrow age… and I found an interesting display there too. Although I suspect that the cars must still be on display over at Audi AG (Ingolstadt), since they have an on going display of the most Silver Arrows in the world at one place. Twelve cars I think. I’ll have to look back at my pics when I went there in Feb.
As with anything… the difference is in the small details. And this museum really had a lot of cool small details. Things that you just do not see anywhere but in some state archive. Details, I love them!

East Germany

BMW Leipzig Factory Tour

Google Maps
Name:  leipzig.jpg
Views: 1770
Size:  63.4 KBDetails and Photos
Werk Leipzig
BMW Allee 1
04349 Leipzig - Germany
The BMW Leipzig factory produces the following BMW models: e81 (two door hatch), e82 (coupe), e88 (‘vert) and the XI model. And soon, next month the 1M coupe.
You can come visit BMW Leipzig – it is as simple as sending an email. But be prepared to walk you butt off. I think we walked over 4km that day. I would recommend any BMW lover to come see how our cars are made.

Verkehrsmuseum Dresden

Google Maps
Name:  dresden.jpg
Views: 1784
Size:  65.5 KBDetails and Photos
Verkehrsmuseum Dresden
Augustusstraße 1
01067 Dresden - Germany
Telefon 0351/8644-0
E-Mail info@verkehrsmuseum-dresden.de
The Verkehrsmuseum Dresden (Traffic Museum of Dresden) is one of those cool old museums halls. The museum is located just down the street from the famous Frauenkirche (church). The church was one of the many victims of the Dresden bombings in Feb 13-15th, 1945 – almost sixty five years to the date. Seemed quite strange to be touring Dresden – because I could hardly recognize the city. Especially 65 years almost to the date! The Germans have done quite a good job rebuilding the city. Well… to be honest, there are still many building projects scattered around the city. But for the most part – the city looks brand new.
Verkehrsmuseum Dresden concentrates on the achievements of the former East Germany (aka DDR). Cars, city trams, trains, ships and air ships and aircraft – all the East’s pioneers. The museum is small, but I really like how diverse the exhibits are. They are renovating the museum at the moment, but still most of the exhibits are open to the public. Everything in the East seems to be a big building project!
Dresden is one of those must see cities. And it makes a great stop on the way to Prague or points North to say Berlin, Leipzig, ect. IF you do head off to Prauge, Dresden has a very famous Christmas Market and has some great old museums too. Not to mention a few palaces. There is also a nice museum on the midevil times with knights, weapons, rare jewels and ceramics.

August Horch Museum – Zwickau, Germany

Google Maps
Name:  horch.jpg
Views: 1749
Size:  75.0 KBDetails and Photos
August Horch Museum Zwickau
Audistraße 7
(formely Walther-Rathenau-Str. 51)
08058 Zwickau (Germany)
Telefon: (0) 375 27 17 38 10
Fax: (0) 375 27 17 38 11
August Horch Museum is a jewel of a museum. Not just because of the cars in their collection but because of how they present these cars. Audi has done a wonderful job on the displays and all the little details that transport you back in time. To a by gone era. Audi has collected a ton of car stuff that goes far beyond their cars. I really wish BMW would have a museum like this.
The Zwickau Factory is where the famous Silver Arrow race cars were built from Auto Union in the 1930’s. Later after the war it is where the East Germans (DDR) had their “people car” known at the Trabant. Most Germans just fondly call it the Trabi. After the wall came down (Nov 1990) Volkswagen bought the factory. First they started to build Trabi’s with VW Polo motors… but then they stopped production. VW got the German government to give them a ton of cash to build a state of the art factory just off the autobahn. The rest as they say is History. In 2004, Audi decided to open a museum at the former Zwickau Werk. The museum is on the former factory complex grounds. Audi has done quite a job remodeling the grounds and polishing the old gal up.
I should say I was a little bit disappointed that they did not have any of the Silver Arrow cars at the museum. They did have a small display area and one of the engines. But I think they could have done better on this part of their heritage.
Btw… I am not Audi fan boy! I am posting these photos because all things car related interests me. I think any motor-head would be happy to come visit this museum.

Stuttgart: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Google Maps
Name:  mb.jpg
Views: 1744
Size:  69.2 KBDetails and Photos
Mercedes-Benz Museum
Mercedesstr. 100
70372 Stuttgart

Zuffenhausen, Germany - Porsche Museum

Google Maps
Name:  porsche.jpg
Views: 1814
Size:  60.0 KBDetails and Photos
Porsche Museum
Porscheplatz 1
D – 70435 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany

Sinsheim Technik Museum

Google Maps
Name:  sinsheim.jpg
Views: 1716
Size:  94.8 KBDetails and Photos
Sinsheim Technik Museum
74889 Sinsheim (Germany)
Phone: 0049-7261-9299-0
Fax: 0049-7261-13916
The Museum Sinsheim is without a doubt my favorite German car & military museum! It is open 365 days a year! And has an awesome collection of cars, planes, trains, tanks, engines. IF you consider yourself a motor-head you gotta get you butt over to this place!! Sinsheim has the British Concorde AND the Russian version side by side!
They also have a sister museum in Speyer. It is there they have things like the Russian space shuttle and 747’s! And btw… they have a real U-boat there too. Everything you can climb up inside and have a real close up look! It's just 30 minutes away South of Heidelberg. Both museums also have a nice hotel on the grounds.
Technik Museum Speyer - Am Technik-Museum 1 - 67346 Speyer - Tel: 06232 6708-0 - http://speyer.technik-museum.de/en
Speyer is only about 30 minutes from Sinsheim or Heidelberg. Or about 1:20 minutes from Stuttgart.


Google Maps
Name:  langenburg.jpg
Views: 1754
Size:  76.8 KBDetails and Photos
Langenburg Automobilmuseum
Schloss 1
D-74595 Langenburg
Tel. +49 (0) 79 05 - 94 190 34
Fax +49 (0) 79 05 - 94 190 66
eMail: museum@schlosslangenburg.de
Closed from Nov 2nd thru April 15th. Open in the Spring thru Fall. Closed on Mondays. Check the website!

Hockenheim Ring Museum... (near Frankfurt/Heidelberg area)

Google Maps
Name:  hockenheim.jpg
Views: 1840
Size:  88.7 KBDetails and Photos
HockenheimRing Museum
This is a small museum but it is also an old museum and has a ton of motorcycles and interesting cars. Mostly formula cars as you can see. IF you are into bikes I say stop by…. But it is not really a must see place, like some of the other “big” German auto maker museums (ie: BMW, MB, Porsche & Audi and VW).
Hockenheim’s museum is how German museum’s use to be. Just the cars and bikes on display. No mega amounts of money or high entrance fees. There is just something refreshing seeing a museum like this. Where you can smell the high octane gas (and oil leaking) dripping onto these cookie trays under the bikes. You can just take in the display and enjoy it. Modern museums like Nuerburgring Ereliebness Welt is the “other” extreme.
Telefon: +49 (0)6205 / 6005 or +49 (0)6205 / 950 212
The Museum and Racetrack is located about an hour south of Frankfurt. Where the A5 intersects the A6. Heidelberg is also close by. Just exit at Hockenheimring and follow the blue and white formula race car signs. The track is about a ten minute drive from the autobahn exit.

Nuerburgring Mueseum Erlebniswelt

Google Maps
Name:  ringmuseum.jpg
Views: 1762
Size:  64.5 KBDetails and Photos
Ring Museum
aka Grüne Hölle (The Green Hell as Jackie Stewart coin’d it)
Museum and Ring
Erlebniswelt am Nürburgring
53520 Nürburg
Tel. 02691/302602
Fax. 02691/302651
To drive the Ring it is NOT open every day! Check their website before driving out there!
What can I say? I think every car nut needs to come visit this place. Just be carefull when you go out on the Ring. Don’t become one of its victims. Don’t try to break any lap records – because you won’t. Just come here and enjoy the Eifel region.

Near Frankfurt: Bernd Rosemeyer Denkmal Restplatz on the A5 Autobahn

Google Maps
Name:  rosemeyer.jpg
Views: 1763
Size:  53.4 KBDetails and Photos
At around 11am, on January 28th, 1938, Bernd Rosemeyer crashed his Auto Union rekord car on the A5 Autobahn between Frankfurt and Darmstadt. Rosemeyer was twenty eight years old. He was driving in excess of 400 kph when he lost control and crashed into a bridge burm. This was at the Langen – Moerfelden bridge/exit on the A5. His earlier record runs in his Auto Union stood until the mighty 917 of Mark Donahue went fasters in the late seventies! Even today the Veyron Super sport flirts with the same V-max speeds!
Anyone can stop at this small autobahn restplatz and take a moment to remember this famous man. In lots of ways he was a pioneer of the early racing days of the Silver Arrows. Some would say the golden years.
Driving from Frankfurt take the A5 autobahn South bound. The restplatz is the 2nd one on that autobahn. Just a few kilometers from Cargo City or the old Rheinmein AFB that closed a few years back. IF you pass the Walldorf - Langen – Moerfelden exit you have gone too far. And remember you can access this rest platz only when you are drivng SOUTH.
64546 Mörfelden - Bernd Rosemeyer Denkmal Restplatz on the A5 Autobahn.
Just one of the places off most people’s map, that makes you think of racing’s old glory days. It is hard enough trying to drive the A5 at 200kph let alone 440+ kph back in the 1930’s! Really puts things into perspective.

Dackel’s Essen Motor Show pics

Google Maps
Name:  essen.jpg
Views: 1700
Size:  76.5 KBDetails and Photos
This year’s show will be held on: November 26th thru December 4th, 2011.

Techno Classica Essen

Google Maps
Name:  techclass.jpg
Views: 1764
Size:  76.6 KBDetails and Photos
This year’s show will be held on: March 31st thru April 4th, 2011.
One day ticket cost 20 euros.
Norbertstrasse 2
45131 Essen
This is a classic car show held every Spring at the Essen Messe. There are a lot of German car manufactures (BMW, Audi, MB and VW) that participate in the car show. It is one part new car show, one part old classics and cars for sale and one part used parts show/flee market.
The Techno Classica is not to be missed! As long as I am living in Germany I will go to this show!! It is that good.

Ferrari Museum - Maranello, Italy
Google Maps
Name:  ferrari.jpg
Views: 1791
Size:  71.5 KBDetails and Photos
Galleria Ferrari
via Dino Ferrari 43
Maranello - Modena (MO)
Tel: +39 0536 949713
Fax: +39 0536 949714
E-mail: galleria@ferrari.com
The other day I was going thru some of my old photos and thought maybe some of you guys would like to see the famous Ferrari Museum. I really can not believe I was there so long ago. These photos were taken in 2003 – but knowing how the Italians work… I bet the museum has not changed much. When I went there… the museum had just opened.
Maranello is closed to Modena on the A1 Autostrada. From Munich it is probably about a five hour car drive. I really love driving in Italy. I think it would make a great ED trip. Maserati and Lamborghini are also close by. Both have museums open to the public. I have never been to them though. It is on my bucket list though!
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Many more ED museums here...
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excellent thread.
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Originally Posted by Bradan View Post
excellent thread.
Here is another excellent one...

Places to visit near Munich while on ED...
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